Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel and causes pain,

 numbness and tingling, in the part of the hand that receives sensation from the median nerve.


The carpal tunnel is an anatomical compartment located at the base of the wrist. Nine flexor tendons and the median nerve pass through the carpal tunnel that is surrounded on three sides by the carpal bones that form an arch.Compression of the median nerve as it runs deep to the transverse carpal ligament causes atrophy of the thenar eminence, weakness of the flexor pollicis brevis, opponens pollicis, abductor pollicis brevis, as well as sensory loss in the distribution of the median nerve distal to the transverse carpal ligament.

Clinical assessment by history taking and physical examination can support a diagnosis of CTS.But diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome is confirmed by electrophysiological testing.